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Speight’s Gold Medal Ale | 4.0% a.b.v. | New Zealand

Mac's Gold | 4.0% a.b.v. | New Zealand

Golden Sheep | 4.7% a.b.v. | England

Black Sheep’s pale golden ale, brewed in traditional Yorkshire Square fermenters. The combination of Black Sheep’s signature three strain yeast and delectable hop character combines passion fruit and apricot flavour with the distinctive dry, refreshing finish associated with these delicious beers.

Thwaites Wainwright | 4.1% a.b.v. | England

Monty Python’s Holy Gr Ale | 4.7% a.b.v. | England

Wold Gold | 4.8% a.b.v. | England

Angler’s Reward | 4% a.b.v. |England