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Speight’s Gold Medal Ale | 4.0% a.b.v. | New Zealand

Mac's Gold | 4.0% a.b.v. | New Zealand

Golden Sheep | 4.7% a.b.v. | England

Thwaites Wainwright | 4.1% a.b.v. | England

Monty Python’s Holy Gr Ale | 4.7% a.b.v. | England

Always look on the bright side of life!! – this is made far easier if enjoying this delectable pale ale from Black Sheep. So whether you are contemplating the Meaning of Life or embarking on a quest for the Holy Grail, make sure to start with this beer that is brewed and tempered over burning witches! Delicious fruit character, combined with Black Sheep’s signature dry finish.

Wold Gold | 4.8% a.b.v. | England

Angler’s Reward | 4% a.b.v. |England