Deus | 11.5% a.b.v. | Belgium

Possibly the most exclusive beer in the world, Deus is a Bière Brut – a Champagne-style beer. First brewed as a golden beer in Flanders, it is then transported to the Champagne region of France, where it is matured for about nine months, and finished following the méthode champenoise (the method used for making Champagne).

Deus is simply divine. Served chilled (at 2° to 4°) in a champagne flute (ideally), Deus delivers aromas of fresh apples, mint, thyme, citrus, ginger, malt, allspice and pears. The long maturation results in a bright golden beer, with incredibly fine beads of gas supporting a clean white head. On taste, Deus is delicate and complex, with the sweetness of grape, the fruitiness of green apple, and the suggestion of Belgian yeast in the background.

“Other great beers might approach, but not quite match, the delicacy of Deus.” Michael Jackson, the Beer Hunter