W´╗┐elcome to Beer Heaven - The beers presented here are distinctive beers from all four corners of the world. Included are authentic pilsners from the Far East, deliciously interesting interpretations of various beer styles from across Europe and Australia as well as world lagers from places as diverse as the Poland, Africa, Canada and Scotland. This is a voyage of taste discovery for all real beer lovers.

Beer is a wonderful beverage that can match or even surpass wine in its ability to deliver character, taste and flavour matching appeal with a wide variety of dishes. So why limit oneself to the bland uninteresting lagers that are so heavily marketed and also, so completely stripped of flavour? The beers in the following pages represent a plethora of taste adventures that can be matched with your favourite foods, or enjoyed by themselves and stretch across a broad spectrum of taste experiences.

The common theme is that these beers are full in character - whether subtly complex or rich in flavour - and, in some cases, they can be full in taste. We believe that every beer drinker is different and that the beers that people will want to drink will vary by person and drinking occasion. So we can promise real diversity of flavour in these beers and we know that the journey through them will be interesting and exciting. Be brave and adventurous and the rewards are immense!

Dean McGuinness -
Managing Director,
Premier Intenational Beers.
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