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Moosehead | 5.0% a.b.v | Canada

Toohey’s Dry | 5.0% a.b.v. | Australia

Steinlager Pure | 4.8% a.b.v. | New Zealand

Mac's Hop Rocker | 5.0% a.b.v. | New Zealand

Kingfisher | 4.8% a.b.v. | India

Singha | 5.0% a.b.v. | Thailand

Schiehallion | 4.8% a.b.v. | Scotland

Tyskie | 5.6% a.b.v. | Poland

Tyskie is a deliciously refreshing, yet subtly complex lager with a full hop character. Floral, and subtly spicy aromas abound from this world-class beer. On the palate, Tyskie is crisp and refreshing - hop bitterness is restrained, and the beer is perfectly balanced.

More Tyskie is sold in Poland than any other beer, and Tyskie has achieved more recognition than any other beer in the world at the brewing industry’s pre-eminent competition. These two factors make Tyskie by far and away not only the number one premium beer in Poland, but also one of the world’s best regarded lagers.

Bitburger | 4.8% a.b.v. | Germany