Eastern Europe is the birthplace of bright golden lagers - before 1842, all beers were dark and cloudy. This tradition of delicious lagers has continued in this region. With some of the best regarded lagers in the world, the competition for lager beers to prove their worth in Eastern Europe is significant.

Our two beers from Kompania Piwowarska - Poland’s leading brewery - have stepped up to this challenge. For example, the first of these - Tyskie - is a multi-award winning beer.

The International Brewing Industry Awards is the world’s pre-eminent brewing competition. Tyskie has won the Gold Medal for the Overall Prize at this competition in two separate years, and also won the Silver Medal in a third year. This is more times than any other beer in the world, making this beer truly one of the best regarded lager beers in the world, not just in Poland.


Tyskie | 5.6% a.b.v. | Poland

Lech | 5.2% a.b.v. | Poland