Burgogne de Flandres - S.A.John Martins

The Flanders region is famous for its distinctive red-brown ales, brewed with mixed fermentation techniques (yeast and lactic flora are responsible for the fermentation), and aged in oak casks to give distinct fruit character to the beer. Our range of Flanders-style ales include Rodenbach – probably the most famous beers in this style – and the delicious Bourgogne de Flandres range (including a bruin and blonde) brewed by Anthony Martin Brewing Company, the brewers behind Timmermans lambic beers.


Bourgogne de Flandres Bruin | 5.0% a.b.v. | Belgium

Bourgogne de Flandres Blonde | 6.0% a.b.v. | Belgium

Blonde ales are more unusual for the Flanders style – so Bourgogne de Flandres Blonde is an example of how eccentricity is an essential element of Belgian beer. Golden in colour, with distinct cloudiness from the residual yeast, Bourgogne de Flandres Blonde has aromas of mild phenols, some spice, and smooth yeastiness. The taste is surprisingly restrained (given the style), with malt and grain pre-dominating, and combining with a white pepper finish. A more accessible example of the Flanders style – an excellent point to start an adventure of this range of beers.