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Moosehead Light With Lime | 4.0% a.b.v | Canada

Moosehead Light With Blackberry | 4.0% a.b.v | Canada

Little Valley Fairtrade Ginger Pale Ale | 4.0% a.b.v. | England

Light and fresh with a hint of ginger and citrus. Fairtrade Ginger Pale Ale makes a delicious aperitif, or perfectly accompanies spicy Far Eastern dishes. As a ‘Fairtrade’ beer, all of the ingredients, including those sourced from developing countries, have been certified as being supplied according to the Fairtrade standards and ethos.

Mongozo Mango | 3.6% a.b.v. | Belgium

Mongozo Banana | 3.6% a.b.v. | Belgium

Mongozo Coconut | 3.6% a.b.v. | Belgium

Mongozo Palmnut | 7.0% a.b.v. | Belgium