Bitburger - Germany

Germany’s Number One draught lager, Germany’s Number One dark lager (Köstritzer), and a wheat beer from a brewery in a Benedictine Abbey based in the Bavarian Alps in the South of Germany.

Three delectable beers representing the best of the three key signature beer styles – German Pilsner, Wheat Beer and Dark Lager – for which German beer is famous.


Bitburger | 4.8% a.b.v. | Germany

Benediktiner | 5.0% a.b.v.
| Germany

Köstritzer | % a.b.v. | Germany

While Germany is normally known for its golden lagers and weiss beers, dark lagers available in Germany can be superb. Köstritzer is the country’s most popular dark lager. Incredibly refreshing – lighter in body than the colour might initially lead one to expect, Köstritzer has notes of roast charcoal and coffee (as one might expect from a stout). However, these flavours are delivered in a beer that is unmistakeably a crisp lager. Looking for a beer that is like a stout designed for summertime? Köstritzer is perfect!